388 Litre Upright ULT Freezer


Purpose & Summarze

The first ULT freezer with mobile message alarm and remote monitoring function in the world.

Haier ULTs are suitable for applications in blood banks,hosipitals,epidemic prevention services,research institutes, laboratories in electronic and chemical plants,biological engineering institutes,and transoceanic fishery companies.


♦Temperature Control

·Microprocessor temperature control.

·Digital temperature display.

·Adjustable temperature range from -10℃~ -86℃ with an increment of 1℃ .

♦Safety Control

·Malfunction alarm includes audible and flashing alarms for high temperature,low temperature,incorrect voltage setting,sensor failure ,condenser efficiency defect,high ambient temperature,and power failure.

·Multiple level protections:password,compressor delay start,extra high and low pressure back up.

·All separate parts are safely grounded.

·Every HAIER Freezer has a controller with the sofetware built in on front door of the cabinet,which show multiple necessary components(such as compressors,voltage,sensor temperature both cabinet and ambient etc., to help and quickly identify the cause of a fault or set temp variance,easily accessed through the front panel.This is called SYSTEMS MONITORING AND REPORTING TECHNOLOGY which allows reflecting which part is having the problem on controller itself,This type of inbuilt fault identification can help the customer to report to the service staff in case of necessity to attend and identify which part is required to complete the repair.

♦Refrigeration System

·0ptimized cascade refrigeration technology.

·High efficiency Danfoss compressor.

·Extra thick,high density insulation material for the best temperature preservation.

·Special design of three-layer sealing structure,and heat-insulating system to reduce frost formation.

·Special designed computer controlled system for low temperature stage to prevent the second stage compressor from over loading.

♦Ergonomic Design

·LED display for cabinet temperature,set point ,ambient and input voltage.

·Ajustable high temperature and low temperature alarm set points.

·Multiple shelves for storage of various sizes fo samples.

·Safety lock to prevent unauthorized access.

·Broad range of ambient temperature fo 10~ 32℃ .

·Innovative integral door and lock design ,and packaged caster design.

·Prsessure-equalizing port for ease of re-entry after door closes.

·Intellogently controlled condenser fan for higher energy savings.

·Advanced remote monitoring and voltage compensation system.

·Optional storage box.

VIP Temperature Preservation Technology

♦Reduce heat transmissions from ambient.

♦Improve insulation performance with thinner walls.

♦Decrease unit''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s occupied floor area.

♦Increase ULT''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s inner space volume.

♦Use flame retarded VIP materials.

♦Use nuisanceless nanophase materials and CFC free.


Model No. DW-86L388
Voltage(V/Hz) 220/50
Input power(w) 3/4HPX2
Temp.range() -50~ -86
Exterior Dimension(mm)(WxDxH) 890X870X1970
Interior Demension(mm)(WxDxH) 620X540X1300
Liters(L) 388
Net/Gross(kg) 254/276
Shelf/Inner doors 3/4