150 Litre C02 and Oxygen Incubator - Model CB150

• Temperature range 7 C° (13 F°) above ambient up to 50 C°

(122 F°) air jacket system assuring temperature accuracy and

reproducible results.

• Water pan with built-in condensation control maintains dry

interior walls up to 95%. RH Standard compliant 180 C° (356 F°)

hot air sterilization using an overnight cycle time (acc to. DIN

58947, Pharmacopoeias, ANSI).

• Weld-less deep-drawn inner chamber made of 316 grade

stainless steel with integrated shelf support system.

• Drift free infrared CO2 measurement system microprocessor

with LED display for temperature and CO2 concentration.

• Various alarm and status displays.

• Automatic diagnostic system with optical and audible alarm, as

well as zero-voltage relay contact for central monitoring.

• Lockable controller keyboard via 3 digit password visual and

audible temperature alarm.

• Gas mixing head tightly-fitting inner glass door.

• Lockable door hinged left or right.

• 3 perforated shelves made of Grade 316 stainless steel.

Interior Volume (Litres) 150

Exterior Dimension (mm) (WxDxH) 680 x 815 x 819

Interior Dimension (mm) (WxDxH) 500 x 500 x 600

Temp. Range (C˚) 7 above ambient up to 50

C02 Range % 0-20

Humidity Value % RH 95

Recovery time after door opened for 30 secs 5 mins

Part Number for C150 9040-0078